In The Tides of Time


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"In The Tides of Time transcends genres and composition while exploring the group’s internal artistic realms. Loner polishes off a piece of collaborative and improvisational music that reaches for perfection, only to find that it is in coming to terms with one’s own flaws and vulnerabilities that they are most masterful." - Creative Loafing Atlanta

"LONER’s cosmic energy and profound ambition make them a band to watch in the coming months." - Immersive Atlanta


released July 21, 2017

Joshua Loner - Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Shae Edman - Vocals, Lyrics on "Body Bag"
Carolyn Reis - Flute
Chava Flax - Guitar
Kassle Molinar - Tenor Saxophone
Chris Gravely - Percussion

Recorded by Dan Carey Bailey at Broad Street Visitors Center from November 2016 through May 2017

Mastered by Ben Price at Silent Partner Studios



all rights reserved


LONER Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Stormfront
Storm front drowning all creation
Spectres dancing on the dawn
Hung heads manning every station
Mercy, where did we go wrong?

Where did we go wrong?

Drink up till you feel the distance
Memories woven into song
Speak but no one ever listens
Lonesome, been alone too long

Been alone too long

Silver rivulets of cool confusions
Filter violent and brute illusions
Lightning summons apparitions
Gale force sings her incantations
Hurricanes incite sedition
Drowned to death in a divination

Storm front drowning all creation
Spectres dancing on the dawn
Hung heads manning every station
Mercy, where did we go wrong?

Where did we go wrong?
Where did we go wrong?
Track Name: Bioluminescent
Built our thoughts to demolish them
Wrote our laws to abolish them
Symphonies in the blooming breeze
Livings carved from the tombs of kings

Spend another night in a deep despair
Bodies on the grind and we need repair
Days spent working for a better life
But what's the point of fighting when we're born to die?

Break another knuckle in a fit of spite
Cannot get ahead and you don't know why
Exploitation, laws of life
Somebody is suffering for you to survive

Break another habit it's a waste of life
Pleasure is a void you fetishize
Bioluminescent in the tides of time
Body of a peasant and a fertile mind

Lose another youth to the psychic's eye
Lose another truth to a violent lie
Phase change cooking and the pressures rise
Banish the kings you've idolized

Bioluminescent in the tides of time
Body of a peasant and a fertile mind
Track Name: Say
High, I was just floating
Spied another in the mist
I journeyed to meet them
Tried to communicate

But communication was futile
I was brutally caught in my ways
Memory met with refusal
Speaking is useless if you ain’t got something to say

Signs: everything’s loaded
Every word that you speak is an idea encoded
Speak up! Speak with emotion
Cus if you can’t feel it are you being real with me?
Why don’t you think for yourself?

Well, communication is crucial
You can’t always have it your way
No need to shout for approval
Screaming is useless if you ain’t got nothing to say
Track Name: Commodity Fetish (No!)
Am I a commodity? My body
Sweats and bleeds to gain the right to be
I’ve been talking in my sleep
Please don’t wake me
Work and sleep.
But what the fuck is sleep?

Now they’re looking in my windows
Those silhouettes of death
are breathing down my debts
Where did all my friends go?
Projecting sex, excess, success and regret

I said no
I said no

Am I an anomaly?
Who owns me?
Free to dream
Mandated fantasies
Someone punish the police
Shepherd slays his sheep
To Be
Is now a luxury

And I’m fetishizing cell phones
Suck a rhizome
Animistic power trips abandoned IEDs
Privilege is a payload, a drone
A finger on the trigger, an omnipresent foe

Say no
I said no
I said no

Tout le monde deteste la police
No justice no peace
Track Name: Contributing to the Delinquency of D Minor (Needles in the Hay)
When I’m alone I hear the history moan, hear it flutter
Dead leaves, dirty magazine sleeves in the gutter
The beast is a disease of uncertain diagnosis
We fiend for the vaccines, dopamines and serotonin

There’s a broken bottle in the ivy
Tiny sacks and needles in the hay
There’s a world where consequence
Will strip you of your last defense

Play children play while you can

There’s a loaded pistol in the dresser
There are pesticides in the bread
There is genocide in my bible

Pray children pray while you can

Till your hope’s gone and you cannot seem to find it
You’ll find some other way
I’m hooked and I cannot live without it
I’ll waste another day
With time, I’ll find the will to persevere
I’ll leave you in my past
Forget your breath behind my ear

I’ll find my peace at last
My peace at last